This page is dedicated to my design invention called, 'The Pointed Hoe' which is manufactured in China and sold by 'Draper Tools' in the UK and Eire under a UK design patent.

I decided to design this tool due to my dislike of the versatility with the standard dutch hoe and begun creating several designs based on the eventual result of weeding becoming easier and quicker. The design centres around a pointed tip instead of the standard straight blade, for easier and targeted soil penetration and also a dipped blade that ensures an easy but deeper entry into the soil allowing more of the weed root to be 'cut off' making regrowth a more difficult and longer process!

Manufacturing begun in September 2013 and sales commenced in summer of 2014 via Draper Tools.

The tool can be found on the 'Draper Tools' website ( and in their most recent tools catalogue on page 675 or via a simple google search by typing 'Draper Pointed Hoe'. It can also be found on eBay and Amazon (link below) retailing upwards of around £20. 

Please contact me if you would like more details on the product.